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Jet Skis in Miami

Jet Skis in Miami are the perfect activity for almost anybody. Whether you’re looking for a high speed thrill ride or a relaxing cruise, we’ve got you covered. We cater to everybody from beginners to pros, teenagers to seniors and sightseers to thrill seekers. Your experience will be personalized to accommodate your requests and match your abilities. Let’s RIDE!!!


Little Havana Laundry

Little Havana Laundry does laundry pickup and delivery. Our pickup laundry service is available Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Our laundry delivery service has two prices. If you sign up for home pickup laundry service we charge only $1.79 a pound with a $30 minimum. If you want to have laundry pick up and delivery near Miami occasionally or just one time, we charge $1.79 a pound with a $30 minimum.

Lavakan Miami


🚿 Pet spa, automatic/manual cabin
🌿Vegan shampoo
💧 Powdered decalcified water
🐾 Antiparasitic & ozone therapy
🤗 Autoservice
☎️ (786) 643-2882